How to repair iPod Touch from Water Damage

Are you looking for a Solution of your iPod touch from Water Damage?


IPod Touch Water Damage can be done with an easy drip soda, a wet in the pool, or even cycle through the machine. IPod is an item of entertainment at your fingertips so it is not shocking that individuals get it wherever they go – beaches, health centres, saunas, swimming pools, and even their office. Purchase a water-resistant iPod casing is a high-quality chance to guard your iPod, but if the damage occurs regardless of safety measures.


These are several steps you can obtain:

Turn off the iPod – a device that is short-circuited is very hard to resolve than one who already has experience iPod Touch Water Damage.  Turn OFF the device, as soon as possible after being in contact with water.

Shake and clean – remove the water and gently shake the device, and wiping it with a clean cloth. Do not try to make use of hair dryer heat, or other external device, or you may damage the plastic parts of the iPod.

Allow drying in a warm place – iPod Touch water damage- may be best to repair, if the drying procedure was correct and fast. Put your iPod on your TV, refrigerator, or in other warm and safe place.

Apple’s Limited Warranty for iPod Touch does not cover water damage. Do not try to take the iPod from the Apple Store and formulate a claim that has not been in contact with water. Probabilities are Apple technicians will be able to notify whether the damage was caused by water.

The excellent news is that all models of iPods have been well designed and built to resist damage. Even if the probability is low the water to get the device, if the iPod was totally submerged in water, the problem is not be solved by the tips above. You might need to take it to the Apple Retail Store, or iPod water damage restoration expert.

If you are convinced to yourself that you can disassemble and reassemble the iPod which can dry parts faster. However, please note that this voids the warranty on the iPod. Clean parts with a cotton swab or cloth and alcohol. Then place in a sealed plastic bag with uncooked rice or silica gels. Each of these elements will absorb moisture from the iPod.

If you still cannot fix, you can also take the benefit of Apple out of warranty. This can be expensive, though. If you do not know how to repair iPod touch water damage by hand and your iPod, Apple is not a choice, try contacting your local expert water damage restoration.



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