Free iPod Touch apps for Gamers; MetalStorm: Online

One of the best games that has been released in the last few weeks for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices is something called MetalStorm online. The great thing about this game is that it is basically made to be a multiplayer game that uses the Game Center applcation from Apple allowing you to play with many other people online all around the world.

The idea of the game is based around jet fighters and is one of the best flying games for the iPod Touch at the moment. The graphics of the game are absolutely stunning and are some of the bets graphics that we  have seen in any iPod Touch game, especially one that is available for free. This one of the best free apps for ipod touch game has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity meaning that you are able to play online almost wherever you are and you are able to combat other players in real time.

Of course, it is also possible to play the game on your own and usually involves playing against a computer controlled jet fighter. There are many different modes to the game and you can earn XP as you go through the game which allows you to unlock different and more powerful items.

This game is currently one of the top rated applications in the Apple app store and it is easy to see why. We recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of shooter games.

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