A Small List of iPhone 4 Games that will Help You to Kill Time

iPhone 4 Games. One of the best things about owning an IPhone is the fact that it has such a large library of applications under its roof. If you have a problem that you need for it to solve, the application is right there in the app store for you to choose from. This is especially true with games. There are many, many games that are available in the app store. It doesn’t matter what type of genre that you are into, casual, shooter, sports, racing, you will be able to find a game that suits your needs. In this article we will give you a small list of iPhone games that you will be able to play on the IPhone 4 that will allow you to enjoy yourself on that long commute home from work.

iPhone 4 Games for the Casual fan
If you are a person that is into casual games then if you would like, with the amount of casual games on the IPhone 4, you will be able to play a new game every week. Casual games are games that you don’t have to invest that much time into it and you will probably only play for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Some of the games in the Casual section include, of course, an old time favorite called Bejeweled. This is one of those games that no matter how many times that you play it; you will never get tired of it. Another game that we are sure that you have seen before in other places is Super Pong. Even though it may sound like the classic that we all grew up with, Pong, it is actually a breakout clone. And as we all know, Breakout is the type of game that can keep you occupied for hours. There are of course many more casual games for you to choose from but these are just two of the more popular ones that you can purchase out of the app store.

iPhone 4 Games for the Card player
If you are not much of a casual game player, then you might like the assortment of card games that the IPhone has available in the app store. No matter if you are a person who loves gin rummy, bridge, or poker, the card game that you love is in there for you. With some of the new features of the IPhone 4, you will be able to play some of these games with other people as well. IPhone 4 is supposed to be released with social gaming features available in the app store. Card games are a great way to spend the time while you are playing against someone on the other end.

iPhone 4 Games for the person who loves Puzzles
There are many good puzzle games in the IPhone 4 app library as well. Mahjong is a favorite with people who love puzzle games and there are many variations of the game in the app store. Tetris is another puzzle game that seems to be an all time classic with people. You can either get the original game or you can play one of the many clones that are available. With the clones, you might be getting the same game but it will have a different look to it. This might please some people.

The App Store for the IPhone is filled with games
No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it in the app store. There are so many options that the best thing is to know what you are already looking for and then try to find it.

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  1. You forgot to mention The Sims. That’s a huge time waster for me especially when i’m waiting for my girlfriend to get dressed. Hail iphone 4 🙂

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