Apple Under Attack From G4y Rights Activists

Apple, the company behind some of the most innovative products currently on the market, has come under threat from g4y rights activists after they allowed an applcation in to their app store that claims to cure h0mos3xuality. Apple is well known for being extremely strict about the apps that are allowed in their app store and it seems ridiculous that Apple would allow such an app.

The app in question; named Exodus International, actually encourages people to try and get rid of their h0mos3xual tendencies. It has been created by the Florida based Christian group who are well known for being against the g4y way of life. The app provides users of the Apple iPhone and iPad devices with news, events and videos as well as trying to get people to stop their g4y lifestyle.

Apple is now being heavily criticised over allowing the app into their app store, especially by one organisation in particular; Truth Wins Out. This organisation has already formed a petition against the app on their website which demands that Apple removes the app from their app store. The petition has already gained more than 80,000 signatures from various people all around the world.

The executive director of the Truth Wins Out organisation has said that if Apple does not take steps to remove the app, they will make sure that Apple meets the victims of ‘ex-g4y- ministries and learn how their lives have been destroyed.

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