Apple iPad and Tablets Set to Replace Laptops

Apple is one of the most innovative companies out there in terms of electronic items and over the past few years, we have seen a lot of innovations from them. They first released the Apple iPod many years ago which started an entire new trend with music and the way that people listed to their tunes, then they started a new trend with the Apple iPhone and set a new standard for mobile phones around the world. Now, it seems like Apple have done the same again with their Apple iPad device as they have actually started a new trend in tablet computers and it is thought that they will actually start to replace laptops in the coming year.

The Apple iPad has had a huge amount of success since it was first released and it is now thought that the tablet computer market will start to overtake the laptop market as people start to use tablet computers a lot more. Since the iPad was released, many other computer manufacturers have started working on their own tablet computers which have also been a huge success. It is thought that the amount of tablets sold over the next few years will increase year on year and by two years time, laptops will actually be being outsold by tablet computers.

All of this is great news for Apple who are the first company to realise the potential of the tablet computer market.

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