iPod Touch: Is it better than iPhone in Applications?

In this world of highly unusual electronics and gadgets, having a branded product is always a thing of joy. And iPod Touch is one such latest product which most music lovers would wish to slip in their pockets and go on high with the features and applications of this gadget. Apple has been reinventing its gadgets continuously and the latest reinvention has indeed expanded the line of iPod into three models ranging from $79 to $399.

The iPod Touch is the big screen guy and the newest member of iPod family. The gadget has some advanced features in it and is compatible to many Apple Apps. There is Wi-Fi internet connectivity, and it is similar to its closed cousin iPhone. The new iPod comes with sans iPod Click Wheel because of the large touch screen interface. Like its earlier versions, the touch quality of the iPod is elegant and quite smooth. You have Apple’s iTube software that is for Macintosh and Windows PC as well as for its computer based online iTunes store. Besides that you also have the right to buy songs and videos directly through iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store for your iPod Touch. For all its functionality and beauty iPod Touch is no doubt a wonderful pick, but does this Touch manage competition to the iPhone? Let’s find out!

But contrary to what Apple claims the Touch has few downsides. These downsides never hamper the entertainment breeze. But few considerations in the iPod Touch would have made it a legend in its class. The battery life of the iPod Touch is slightly less than what is claimed by Apple. The Touch is thinner than iPhone with gorgeous resolution but it cannot make phone calls. Though most of the things are similar in both the gadgets, but unlike iPhone, the iPod Touch lacks volume control buttons, and buttons to skip and pause songs. One has to depend on the touch screen for these features.

The tantalizing features of the iPod Touch are – Wi-Fi functions, YouTube Video viewer, Web browser and new mobile store.  But the Touch misses some internet oriented features that iPhone possess and that would actually work well over Wi-Fi. The Touch also lacks emailing, mapping, weather programs and stock tracking. Having inserted powerful device like Wi-Fi in it and such a huge screen leaving out things like email program seems ridiculous! But Apple tries to justify that Touch was to present iPod features, but not to replicate iPhone and it included web browser only to get into music store in certain places.

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  1. it also does have dedicated volume controls…you really should do more research or even look at the device before reviewing it. It has been around for a lil while now…

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