Apple iPod Touch to iPhone Converter to be released in US this week

A converter for the Apple iPod Touch is set to be released in the United States this week. This converter is said to be able to turn your iPod Touch device into a fully functional mobile phone that should have all of the functionality of the Apple iPhone device.

The converter for the iPod Touch device is named the Peel and it is manufactured by a Chinese company. The company has made a deal with a company based in the US that will allow them to have the distribution rights in the United States. The device that is being released is named the Apple Peel 250 and the idea is that you attach it to your iPod Touch device and it will give it all of the functionality of the Apple iPhone. Of course, the phone won’t look quite as good as it will have the device attached to it but it is a great way to turn your iPod Touch into a phone device. All you will have to do is to install a SIM card into the attachment as well as installing special software on your iPod Touch and you will have the ability to send SMS messages and make calls, just like on the Apple iPhone.

Currently, this new Peel 250 will not work with the latest iPod Touch 4th Generation, but we expect a release of the device for the 4th generation iPod Touch soon.

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