Amazon Launches its own App Store and Apple Sues

The Apple App Store is one of the most successful products that Apple has ever come up with and it has now grown to be the largest applications store in the world. Despite many other rivals, it still remains the largest but with other companies creeping up on it, Apple is not happy at all. Today, Amazon entered into the applications market as they opened their own app store. Apple is really not happy about this and they are now set to sue Amazon over using the app store name.

Amazon finally launched their version of the app store this morning and to celebrate, they are actually giving away a free copy of the new Angry Birds game to all of the people that visit the website today. The new Angry Birds game; Rio, is also number one in the Apple app store. The Amazon app store has launched with just 3,800 apps, which is nothing compared to the Apple’s 300,000 + apps in their store, although this is set to grow at quite a rapid rate. The Amazon app store is aimed at Android users predominantly.

Apple has declared that they will now be sueing Amazon over the use of the app store name. Apple has said that it tried to contact Amazon to warn them about changing the name before taking legal action. The Amazon store is named the Appstore.

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