Free iPod Touch Apps for Travel; London Transport

There are a variety of applications for the iPod Touch and iPhone that help people to travel around the UK’s capital city of London, however, as with many other applications, some are better than others. The best one that we have found over the past few weeks is one called London Transport as it basically offers everything you could ever want from a London travel applcation.

One of the most difficult things is London is figuring out exactly how to get to certain places but this app makes this extremely easy. The app has a variety of tools to help you including Tube routing and bus routing. This means that you can simply input your destination and where you are currently into the applcation and it will tell you exactly how to get there on the tube or the bus. As well as this, it tells you about all of the places you can hire the Barclays bikes in the capital and it even allows you to keep track of your Oyster Card.

The app will make sure that it keeps updated if you are using an iPhone or are on a Wi-Fi connection with the iPod Touch meaning that you are able to avoid tube and bus delays without hassle. You can keep track of your Oyster Balance as you travel too.

If you are looking for a London travel app, we highly recommend this one above any of the others, even if it does cost 59p. However, this is as good as free for what you actually get.

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