What to expect from Apple

Every year, Apple brings out a whole new range of products for their consumers and 2011 is expected to be no different. There are a lot of products that have been rumoured to be released and there are also 0some other products that could be in the pipeline which have actually been much less talked about on the internet. Either way, there are some pretty big things to expect from the company.

One of the things that is expected in the early part of 2011 is of course the Apple iPad 2 device. This has been rumoured for quite some time and it is thought to have a lot of extra features over the original iPad device. As well as this, Apple are also thought o concentrate a lot more on the Mac App Store; this is a service that has just been launched for their Mac computers that is similar to the app store for the iPhone and iPod ouch. Another big product that is expected to be launched by Apple is the iPhone 5 device. This is expected in the middle of 23011 and it is a much anticipated product for consumers.

Of course, Apple will also focus on some of the smaller things to be released such as the iOS magazine and newspaper applications that will be exclusive to Apple and much more including an increased amount of focus on the Mac operating system and upgrades.

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