Apple Dominates Tablet Market

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world and they are responsible for some of the most innovative products in the recent years. One of their most innovative products that they have released this year is the iPad device, which is Apples take on a tablet computer. Now, statistics have emerged that has shown that Apple is already dominating the tablet computer market which has seen just over 4 million units shipped in the third quarter.

According to the Strategy Analysts, Apple is well in the lead in terms of tablet computers and they have an estimated 95% market share at the moment. This huge market share has knocked every other competitor out of the water for now including Android who only had a 2% market share and took 2nd place. This huge success could simply be because up until now, Apple has been the only real contender when it comes to tablet computers with many other companies not having released their devices until well after the release of the iPad. The Android tablet is said to not be completely ready until early 2011.

Apple’s iPad device is the most well known tablet computer out there at the moment and no other tablet computers have even come close to being as efficient and as loved as the iPad. Analysts are expecting the Android tablet computer sales to rise in the fourth quarter as well as sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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  1. It’s pretty ridiculous how these company’s sue each other back and forth…instead of focusing even more on the end-user experience and lowering the prices, which they could do with less lawsuits and patent applications…It’s like watching children fight…but honestly I think it’s starting to become a PR thing. I been obviously they know that when they sue somebody everybody will know and the blogs and media will pick it up quickly. And since most these companies are geniuses when it comes to marketing, especially Apple…I think they are doing it for some marketing purpose too…I don’t know what purpose though because in my eyes they just loose credibility…

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