Apple Censors Opera Mini Browser

Apple’s app store has around 300,000 apps in it at the moment making it the biggest applcation store in the world. However, Apple is extremely picky about the apps that they actually allow in the store and we have seen evidence of this before with a variety of different apps. Now, Apple has once again been picky over an app but it is not an app that you would have thought they would be picky about.

Apple is said to have finally allowed the Opera Mini Web Browser app into their app store today but it is said that they have put a censorship on it of 17 years old. Considering that this is just a web browser like any other, there is no real need for this and it is thought that Apple is simply putting restrictions on the product as it is a rival to their Safari browser. Apple has said that the browser has intense, mature and suggestive themes; a strange thing to say about a web browser.

The man in charge of the Opera web browser has also spoke out about the product in a statement that is clearly having a pop at Apple. He said that he thinks that 17 is too young and that it should be at least an 18 limit. He said he is concerned that his browser is available to people so young. However, he did also say that you could just download the browser from their website if you are under 17.

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