Apple Remove Wikileaks App From iTunes App Store

Apple are a secretive company at the best of times and they don’t like to give much of an incline in to what they are up to and now, they have eliminated a source of leaks by removing the Wikileaks applcation form their app store. The Wikileaks app has been made over the past few weeks and it is said that it allows users access to the Wikileaks information as well as their Twitter feed on the iOS devices that Apple manufacture.

The Wikileaks leaks have been one of the biggest and most talked about things of all time and there are a number of secrets that have gone public about the US government and many other things using the Wikileaks service. Apple has now removed the Wikileaks app from their app store saying that it does not comply with their company rules. Apple are also not the only company to have denied access to the Wikileaks system with Amazon shutting down the Wikileaks account on their servers. PayPal, eBay and Visa have all also disallowed the use of their service in order to find donations to Wikileaks.

This is not the first time that Apple has banned an app from the iTunes app store and they actually seem to have a history of doing it. However, the banning of this app seems to be for a good reason and it is actually against their company policy.

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