Sky News App Comes to the Apple iPad

Today, the popular news provider; Sky News, has officially launched their applcation for the Apple iPad. The application gives iPad users a fresh way of viewing news and the focus with Sky News has always been to provide up to date news 24/7. The iPad is a perfect platform for the application and there are a variety of fantastic features.

One of the great features of the Sky News app on the iPad is that it gives users the option to view a live broadcast of the TV channel. Not only does it allow this, but it also allows the user to rewind to the beginning of the particular segment and also explore each news story even further. Despite this however, the app will only allow you to scroll a few hours into the past of the broadcast.

A fantastic feature of the app is the video content that is available. When you tap on a news story, a video will fill the fantastically large iPad screen and will be surrounded with extra features such as photo galleries and so on. This will allow you to look deeper into the news story that you are looking at on the iPad as there are the photos and other written articles.

For now, there has not been any change to the iPhone version of the Sky News applcation although we are sure that it will be coming soon. The Sky news Application for the iPad is completely free on iTunes at the moment.

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