Apple Censor Android Magazine App from App Store

Apple are well known for being quite strict about the sort of things that they allow in their application store and the sort of things that they allow publishers to create for the iOS devices. Now, Apple is said to have banned a magazine application that was submitted to the app store after they found that the main theme of the content for the magazine was about the Android operating system. The Android operating system is a huge rival for Apple and their iPhone devices and many people have accused Apple of being fascists again.

It is not clear exactly what the grounds of the censorship actually were as a similar app is already available in the App store in the Netherlands entitled AndroidWorld Reader. Many people believe that the only grounds that Apple has had for the banning of this latest Android themed application was simply that it gave information about the Android operating system, although this has not been confirmed.

The app store has a range of different apps including many other apps that talk about the Android operating system and apps that even contain full nudity and profanity. Many people now believe that the recent banning of this latest application is simply due to Apple closing in on their competition and trying to limit the amount of attention that the Android operating system actually gets, especially for users of their devices.

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