Android App Store overtakes Apple App Store for Free Apps

Apples app store has been regarded as the largest app store in the world and it still is with around 400,000 applications in total. However, a report that was released today said that the fight between the Android app store and the Apple app store had taken an interesting turn after the Android app store was found to have more free apps than the Apple app store.

Although the Apple app store has around 400,000 apps and the Android has only around half of this, there are more free applications for Smartphone’s and tablet devices in the Android app store than the Apple store. It was found that the Apple store has around 121,845 free apps whereas that Android store has around 134,342 free apps. This shows that the Android app store has overtaken Apple in terms of free apps and that the users of the Android store tend to opt for free applications.

It has also been said that at the current rate of growth of the Android app store, there will be just a few months until the Android store is actually larger than the Apple app store. It has been estimated that it will take around 5 months for this to be achieved. As well as this, the Windows applications store is also set to increase significantly in quantity of applications meaning that there could be some serious competition for Apple.

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