How to Decide Between iPhone 5 and Android

Next iPhone 5 vs Android phone

Apple are set to launch their iPhone 5 device within the next few months and this will be the successor to the iPhone 4. Of course, there will be many of the competitors releasing their own phones shortly after the iPhone 5 release in order to compete with Apple. Many of the Smartphone’s being released on the market these days use the Android OS and many people are currently finding it difficult to decide between the iPhone 5 and getting an Android Smartphone.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of competition between both Google and Apple at the moment in terms of the mobile OS market and although there are a lot of similarities between the two OS’s, there are also many differences. Many people that already have an iPhone 4 will say that they will definitely be upgrading to the iPhone 5. This is because people tend to get attached to their iPhone’s and Apple customers are well known for being extremely loyal.

The Android and iOS markets now have a similar amount of apps available so if you are looking into this aspect, it is also an area that is similar. However, the Android phones will allow almost any app whereas the iPhone is very strict and only allows iTunes approved content. Basically, we will have to see what Apple has in store with the iPhone 5 to see whether or not to choose that or an Android phone.

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