Apple Sues Nokia Over Touchscreen Scrolling Patent

Apple is well known for its legal battles and at any given time, it is thought that Apple will be in way more than a dozen legal battles against various things. The latest argument that Apple has is with Nokia and they are now set to sue the company over a patent. Apple has filed a lawsuit against Nokia in the UK that is apparently related to the way that scrolling works on their touch screen devices as Apple believes that it is infringing upon their patent.

This lawsuit was filed at a court in London on Tuesday and covers the way that scrolling works in touch screen handsets. Apple has also claimed that a lawsuit which was brought by Nokia against Apple in Germany is actually invalid. This legal battle is just one of the many legal battles that Apple has been involved in over the last few years and months and it is certainly not the first one against Nokia.

Nokia has said that they are confident that they are not infringing upon Apples patent and that they are currently looking over the documents. They have said that they will take all of the actions necessary to protect their rights.

It is thought that there has been around 37 legal cases between Nokia and Apple since October of 2009 and we are sure that there are many more to come as well.

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