Acer Boss Quits Because of Apple iPad Tablet

The boss of the computer manufacturing company; Acer, has resigned from his position at the top of the company. Acer is the second largest computer manufacturer in the world after Hewlett-Packard and it is now said that they are struggling in the currently technological climate. I tis said that the CEO of the company resigned following disagreements that the board of directors and himself had concerning the direction of the company in regards to the tablet PC market.

With the release of the iPad and iPad 2 devices from Apple over the last year or so, many other companies have had to start targeting the tablet PC market in order to get in on the action. However, Apple currently dominates this market highly, thus making it extremely difficult for any other computer manufacturers to get in on the action. It is said that the resignation of Acers boss is one of the first corporate casualties caused by the release of the iPad.

It is said that the boss of the company resigned after disagreements with the board of directors in regards to the path that the company should currently be taking. Acer announced just last week that they expect their revenue for the first quarter of this year to be around 10% lower than the fourth quarter of last year as there is a low demand at the moment for PC devices in Western Europe. Acers shares fell by 18% after this announcement.

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