Microsoft Fights Apple Over App Store Trademark

The Apple app store has been around for quite a while now and it is a great way for users of the Apple devices to download and enjoy new content on their iPhones, iPad and more. There are a lot of different companies out there that have launched their own versions of the app store for their own devices and they have called them other names so far. For example, there is one that has been launched by Microsoft which is called the Windows Marketplace. Now, Microsoft is actually battling Apple as they try and trademark the app store name.

The trademark applcation for the name ‘App Store’ was actually filed by Apple back in 2008 but just a few weeks ago, a lawyer acting on behalf of Microsoft filed a motion for the patent as they believe that it should not be allowed. Microsoft has argued that the name App Store is far too vague to actually trademark as there is no other name for a store that sells applications. They have argued that it is a generic term for the retail store that is selling applications and that Apple should not be allowed to trademark the name.

There are also many other companies that feel the same way about the Apple app store and they have since launched applcation stores that have been launched under a different name. It will be interesting to see where this case goes.

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