Skyfire Released for Apple iPad

There are a lot of things that are great about the Apple iPhone and the iPad devices and they have changed the way that people work, listen to music, watch videos and much more forever. However, every product that is currently on the market has a few problems and one of the things that a lot of people complain about when it comes to the Apple iPad and iPhone is that they are unable to play flash content in the web browser. This is something that has been recognised by a certain company and they have since released a browser named Skyfire for the iPhone that actually allows users to view flash content. Now, the app has also been released for the Apple iPad device.

Skyfire is a revolutionary product for the iPad and the iPhone and when it was first released for the iPhone a couple of months ago, it actually had to be taken out of the iTunes app store as Apple could not keep up with the demand for the product. It actually sold millions of copies over the first weekend of launch proving that there is a market for flash content on the iPhone and iPad.

Now that it has been released for the iPad, this is expected to be repeated and with the app costing $4.99, it could mean a lot of revenue for the makers of Skyfire once again and a weight off the mind of iPad users.

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