Apple Talks To Environmental Groups In China Regarding The Pollution Issue

Our environment’s state is getting worse and worse, and somehow every one of us contribute to what is happening now. Although as individuals, our damage is nothing compared to the massive damage that big companies and factories do to the environment. The more the factories are, the more contaminated a place get. This is constant in almost all countries all around the world, however, the case in China is more disturbing than others. Some factories there are not only detrimental to the environment only, but it is also already getting into the health of the residents that live near the said establishment. Pushing as much as causing cancer to people. Studies have already been made that there are concrete evidences that link these companies to the increase of cancer risk to the people in China.

The Environmental Groups in China

This is not a unique case. All around the world there are also cases like this. Now, the question is, why are we talking about this in the first place? What is its connection with Apple and to our beloved iDevices. Apple‘s conscience as a company regarding these issues may come out clean – but not their suppliers in China. Known suppliers of the different parts that make up our beloved devices come from the companies that are accused of being major pollutants. given this, different environmental groups in China have been wanting to talk to the management of Apple regarding the issue for a very long time. Apple on the other hand, has always been quiet regarding the issue; until now.

Finally, Apple has granted audience to the environmental groups in China to sit down and talk about the matter. Apple talked with the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, which is a group based in Beijing. They are also known as the IPE. The IPE, together with other environmental groups have accused Apple for being an environmental problem in China, that’s why Apple has finally talked with them to set the records straight.

Of course the issue doesn’t get solved overnight. It would still take time until the said suppliers and companies change their ways for the betterment of our environment. Meanwhile, Apple talking to these environmental groups is a good first step for the cause. Apple really didn’t respond to the questions of the press nor give any additional information regarding the issue. However, it did promise the IPE and the other environmental groups that they would look forward to talking with them again in the future, for the cause that they are fighting for. In addition, they also said that they are really making actions to make their suppliers more environmental.

Bottom line is, let’s not forget what’s really important. Whichever way you look at it, a new iPad still could not replace the life of a child or any person. Getting cancer should not be the cost of the convenience that the iPad gives. It is truly a good thing that at least Apple is aware of the issue already. At least they are not like the other companies that don’t really care about the environment they are damaging especially if it’s going to damage their profit.

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