Free iPod Touch Apps for Socialising; Skype

Skype is the big news at the moment as it has recently been taken over by the Windows operating system founders; Microsoft. Skype is a fantastic service which allows you to call anywhere in the world free of charge and now, the applcation is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The Skype applcation works in the way as the computer applcation does and it allows you to make phone calls and type messages free of charge to friends and family around the world. The app has been designed in the same way as the Skype computer applcation and it is extremely easy to navigate and use. The app allows you to use your iPod Touch or iPhone in the usual way that you make phone calls with the only difference being that it will be free of charge as it uses the Skype service. In order to make a phone call, you will need to be on a Wi-Fi network however.

The Skype applcation will also allow you to send messages to your friends using the Skype instant messenger. This works well with the iPhone and iPod Touch keyboard making typing easy. If you have the latest iPhone or iPod Touch, you can also use the Skype app to make video calls using the built in cameras. The app is available from the iTunes app store free of charge.

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