Apple Stop Selling MobileMe Software

Apple announced yesterday that they would be releasing a new version of their Macbook Pro devices and this has sparked a lot of excitement for Apple enthusiasts. However, as well as this, Apple has also decided to stop selling their well known MobileMe software and today, they removed it from their online store completely, apart from a free 60 day trial that is available.

There is a little bit of confusion about this move from Apple and what it could mean but many believe that Apple is planning something new for the software. It is unlikely that Apple will remove it from their store permanently. Many believe that Apple is planning to add a lot of services to the MobileMe platform and many also believe that Apple is planning to make the service completely free.

If you are not familiar with the MobileMe service, it is basically Apple’s version of cloud computing, allowing customers to store files online and sync their devices. It is thought that Apple is going to make this service free of charge in order to keep up with the stiff competition in the area of cloud computing from Google

It is thought that Apple will more than likely unveil their plans for the MobileMe software at their event planned for next week in which they are also expected to reveal their iPad 2 device which has been eagerly awaited by the tech community.

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