Apple releases iOS 4.3 Beta

The iOS devices that have been released by Apple over the last few years are amazing devices and consist of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple is constantly trying to improve these devices and in order to do so; they offer a number of updates from time to time. There are a few major updates each year and currently, the firmware on the devices is actually iOS version 4.2. Today, Apple released the 4.3 update for the iOS devices in the beta testing stages and it has a few great new features.

The Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will all soon have this update and it is soon to be released by Apple as a stable version. The update has a couple of new features with one feature that is particularly notable. The feature is that you can now actually cancel apps from downloading from the app store. Previously, once a download had started, there was no way to stop it at all; this has now been solved by Apple and we expect to see it in the final stable version of the iOS 4.3 software.

There are a few other features in the latest update although most of them are only minor updates. It is thought that the latest update has already managed to be jailbroken by a team of experts which is considerably quick being as Apple only released the update a couple of hours ago.

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  1. One of the unnoticeable and important items on the new iOS 4.3 is the removal of the home button. What is the significance of this? The screen real estate will be much bigger on the coming up version of the iOS. The new iPhone 5 would mean, will have bigger screen with the same foot print…..

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