Apple Deny iPhone Tracking

There has been much controversy regarding Apples iPhone Smartphone’s over the last few weeks after a report from the Guardian newspaper suggested that Apple had been secretly tracking the location of all of the iPhones around the world without telling the user. Now, Apple have spoken out about these alligations and they have said that this is completely untrue and that it was in fact a software glitch that caused this to happen.

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Apple posted a comment on their website today which they hoped would reassure worried iPhone users about the tracking of their personal data. The message explained that Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone and never has nor has plans to ever do so. Apple has said that the tracking that the Guardian referred to in their report actually tracks the Wi-Fi hotspot data on the iPhone and the location of network towers which could be up to 100 miles away. They have said that despite this having no real effect on tracking your iPhone or the owner’s location; they still aim to remove this bug in an update for the iPhone that will be released soon.

Apple has admitted that there is a bug with the software which has meant that even if users choose the option not to share this information, it will not turn off. They have said that they are working on a fix for this problem and will release it in a soon to be released update.

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