Apple to Launch New Final Cut Pro Next Week

Apple’s Final Cut Pro program is well known as being one of the best video editing pieces of software out there and it is used from everything including amateur productions, right up to professional productions that we see on the TV. Now, Apple is thought to have a new version of the program in store for us as rumours of the release of the next version of Final Cut Pro spring to the surface.

The Final Cut Pro Supermeet will take place next week and it is said that Apple will unveil the next version of the program to the world. The supermeet is an event that takes place in Las Vegas that is a side event of the National Association of Broadcasters. It was previously reported at Macworld that Apple would be releasing the next version of the program in April of this year and now, it is thought that the date will be April 12.

On the supermeet website, there is even talk of a special guest presentation at the event in which the Final Cut Pro software is expected to be unveiled and it is reported that Apple are actually taking over the entire meeting.

There are a few rumoured changes to the Final Cut Pro software including a complete redesign of the well known user interface and rumour that it will be 64 bit as opposed to 32. No other details are yet to be released by Apple.

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