Spotify Plans to Steal iTunes Market Share

There is no denying that iTunes has become one of the most popular innovations of the recent years and millions of people now use the service in order to discover and purchase new music. Despite this, there is one firm that has announced plans to create an alternative to iTunes and to try and attempt to steal the huge market share from Apple.

Spotify is currently working on extending many of their premium services including the creation of the iPhone and iPad app and opening them up to non-paying members. As well as this, Spotify has begun trying to convince users to use the Spotify software as an iTunes alternative and has told users to use it over the iTunes software.

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Spotify currently has 10 million users round the world, although only around 1 million of those use the paid Spotify services. Spotify now plans to close in on iTunes market dominance by allowing users to use the Spotify services on their mobiles as well as update the Spotify software. It is thought that the Spotiiy software will soon allow users to sync all of their music into the system including songs that were purchased from the iTunes system as well as allowing them to sync to their iPhones and Android phones.

Many analysts have questioned how far Spotify will get with this ambition as iTunes and Apple currently dominate the market heavily and have so far been impenetrable by other companies.

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