Apple Removes Anti-Gay App from App Store

Apple is well known for having strict control over the apps that they actually allow into their iTunes app store and in the past, there have been a whole range of apps that have been denied access. However, despite this, a couple of days ago, an anti-gay app managed to make it into the app store and since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of complaints against the app. Following this, Apple has now decided to ban the app from the app store.

The app that was created by the Florida based group; Exodus International, is said to have been teaching people ways to get rid of their gay tendencies. The app had information on news, events and even videos for the users to watch. The app was available in the iTunes app store free of charge but now, it has been banned by Apple.

Over the last few days, more than 150,000 people have signed an online petition asking for the removal of the app from the app store. Apple has now said that they have removed the app from the app store as it violated their developer guidelines for the fact that it was offensive to such a high amount of people. The app was previously offering in the app store for the period of around a month but has now been completely removed following the large objection.

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