Apple iPad 2 Due For February Launch

Rumours have surfaced on the internet that the next generation of the Apple iPad device will actually be released in the early part of next year. The Apple iPad has been one of the best selling products for Apple since it was released this year and it has redefined the way that people think of tablet computers. Now, it is thought that Apple is planning to release the iPad 2 device, which will be the next generation of the Apple iPad devices in the early part of next year, more specifically; it is thought to be set for release at the beginning of February.

These rumours surfaced on the internet today after a report from Digitimes which has made its predictions clear. It is thought that Apple will release the device shortly after their keynote that they are planning to hold in January of 2011. Apple are well known for releasing some of their best products at this keynote event and at this time last year, Apple actually announced the release of the first iPad device and it is thought that they will keep with the trend.

The Apple iPad device is eagerly awaited by consumers and it is thought to feature a Retina display like the recent iPhone 4 device as well as a camera and possible front facing camera to enable users to video call their friends and family with Facetime. It is thought that it was due for release in January but was pushed back slightly.

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