Apple Launch Black Friday Event

Today, Apple has launched a one day shopping event just in time or Christmas where they have cut the prices of their products by an average of around 8%. There are some great savings to be had in the Black Friday event including savings on some of the most well known Apple products like the Macbook laptops as well as the iPod devices. There are many other notable cuts too and all can be viewed on the Apple website.

Some of the most notable products to see a cut in their prices are the Apple iPad which has seen a significant cut. The 16GB WI-Fi version has been cut from £429 to £394 giving consumers a saving of £35. As well as this, the Apple iPod Nano has also seen a price cut of around £10.99 being cut from £129 to just £118.99. As well as the large products like this, there are also a lot of accessories and other Apple branded products that have seen some price cuts and once again, all of these can be viewed in the Apple online store.

Some of the disappointments in the Black Friday event include the iPhone 4 device which ash not had its price cut at all. As well as this, the Apple TV device has also seen no cut in its price. The sales end tonight at midnight so if you are looking to save a bit of money on those Apple products, get there quick.

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