Apple to Introduce New Macbook Pro this Week

Once again, there is an Apple rumour floating around the internet and this is that they are going to announce the next generation of Macbook Pro laptops later on this week. If you have been thinking about heading out to buy a nice Macbook Pro from Apple this week, our advice would be to hold off for a few days as there are chances that Apple will have something much better in store for you after the end of this week.

It has been rumoured that Apple is going to release the latest version of the Macbook Pro devices on Thursday of this week; however, this is only a rumour of course. As with any Apple rumour, there are also thoughts on what the specs of the new product are going to be like and they look quite exciting. It is thought first off that the new Macbook pro will have much faster Intel processors that will see the speed of the computer increase dramatically. There is also rumour that the new Macbook Pro devices will have a much better graphics card as well as possibly a redesigned chassis.

There are rumours that Apple will go down the same route as they did with the Macbook Air with the next Macbook Pro and will not include a CD drive with the laptop. We will just have to wait until the end of this week before we find out if any of these are true.

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