Skyfire Browser Hits iPhone and gets Pulled Instantly

As a lot of you will already know, one of the problems that a lot of users have with the iPhone device is that it will not play flash videos. This has been a big problem for users and Apple has refused to allow this in their devices as they claim that flash is not stable enough and they hope that soon, HTML5 will take over flash and the video player will become obsolete. Until now apple not support flash player for ipod touch, ipad, or iphone. Although Apple believes this, there are a lot of users that wish to play flash videos on their iPhone and now, there is a company that has realised this. The Skyfire browser for4 the iPhone hit the app store yesterday and it actually allows users to play flash videos on their devices. However, the app has already been pulled from the app store.

The Skyfire browser is extremely clever in the way that it works and it actually encodes the flash videos in such a way that the browser will see them as HTML5 content and will therefore allow the user to play them on the iPhone device. This saw an overwhelming response as it hit the iTunes app store yester day but it has already been pulled from the store. You might think that this is another one of Apple’s ploys to stop but the app was actually pulled by the developers themselves as there was so much demand for the app. It is expected to return soon.

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