Apple release new iLife for Mac

Apple often holds a number of press events throughout the year and these have been known to be when Apple shows off their latest products. Yesterday, Apple held one of these press events once again and they announced a few great new products. Among the products that were announced, they announced the release of a new Macbook Air, however, they also announced the release of a new piece of software; iLife 11.

iLife is one of the most well known programs around the world and it is known to be exclusive to the Mac. If you have used iLife before then you will know that you get iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband and others. Now, Apple has announced the latest release of the product which has a range of new features. Some of the most notable features are in iPhoto and there is a great new full screen mode that allows you to view your photos much more easily. There is also upgraded Photo Books as well as better and easier ways to post to social networking websites. As well as this, there were a number of changes to iMovie with one of them being that you can now make stunning Movie Trailers for yourself without any editing knowledge at all.

The new iLife is being shipped for free with any new Mac that is purchased and if you want to upgrade, the nit will cost you just $49.

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