Apple set to buy Netflix

Apple already has a huge range of products under its belt and they offer some of the best products around at the moment. The iPhone and iPad are some of the most innovative products that have been released in recent years and now, Apple is set to add another company to its repertoire. There are rumours that Apple is planning to buy the company; Netflix over the next few months. Many of the world stop analysts in this field have already said that this would be a great move for Apple and that it is expected to happen.

Netflix are already working with Apple with their Apple TV device as they allow their programmes and movies to actually be accessed by the device.  As well as this, they already have an applcation in the iTunes app store that work son both the iPad and the iPhone which allows users with a Netflix account to actually access their service.

Netflix offers a huge range of titles to their subscribers and in fact the amount of titles actually totals around 150,000. At current, Apple is only able to offer around 15,000 titles via their iTunes system and it is thought that by buying Netflix, they will be able to add a whole range of new titles to their iTunes service and will also be able to make a lot more revenue because of the purchases from their users.

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