Free ipod Touch Applications

Free ipod Touch Applications

The ipod Touch is the most versatile media player from Apple Inc. It can run most of the stand-alone applications that are compatible with its bigger cousin, the iphone. The only problem is that the Apple Store has got most of the best ones and they don’t come cheap. The better way would be to search the internet for good free ipod Touch applications. One of the best such places for free ipod Touch applications is the website that goes by a very similar name,, you can find almost all the free ones that you may ever need.

There are always free ipod games available for the ipod Touch online, but they aren’t very satisfying. Apple has decided that the free software the iphone owners get will NOT available for free for the ipod Touch owners. There is even an online petition calling for all ipod Touch owners to sign it, urging Apple to make those software free for ipod Touch users too. The petition is available at, if you are an ipod Touch owner, you might help yourself by signing it. Most ipod Touch owners who bought the first edition are quite vexed that they must pay an extra $20.00 to Apple for getting the new set of 5 applications that come as standard pre-loaded ones on the recent ipod Touch edition.

What’s more, the first edition users had to contend with a somewhat buggy interface as compared to the latest version but still, they are asked to pay for an update, which most people feel must be free, considering the fact that it was because of the first generation ipod Touch buyers that the product became a hit.

You could get top 100 list of free apps for ipod touch which is updated daily by visiting this site homepage, just bookmark it for your further reference.

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