Queen of England Wants iPad 2

Apple’s iPad has been one of the biggest selling products for the company yever and it is the second egenration of the original iPad product that completely changed the computer market forever. Now, it seems that the success of the iPad has reached a whole new level after it was announced that the Queen of England had asked the Buckingham Palace staff to go out and buy her an Apple iPad 2.

According to the Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom, the Queen requested an iPad 2 after she was originally shown the product by Prince William and Prince Harry. It is said that the two young Princes offered the Queen a crash course with the product and that she was extremely impressed by its capabilities and its ease of use. It is also said that the Queen is no stranger to Apple products and that she has owned a couple in the past.

The Queen is said to already own two iPod’s, one of which was purchased around six years ago and the other of which was given to her by the President of the United States when she was visiting the country. As well as this, it is known that the Queen does have a mobile phone, although it is not known whether or not it is an iPhone. Apple is expecting to have sold 40 million of the iPad 2 devices by the end of the year, one of which may be the Queens.

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