Apple Has New Patch Developed for Security Risk

We all knew that viruses and other such nasty malicious software would soon make its way from PCs and Macs all over the world and now, they’ve made their way to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Apple developers have been quickly scurrying to come up with a new patch in answer to new security threats that have been posed to the iPhone. What are the threats? That now, not only can owners of the iPhone and the iPod Touch jailbreak their own devices, but now these devices can be remotely jailbroken.

What does that mean to users of the iPhone and the iPod Touch? It means that someone could break into their device and completely manipulate it, and destroy all of its data, rendering it useless to whoever owns it. So far, there has been little damage to any devices so far but many models on Best Buy and Apple store floors have been completely manipulated and wiped clean of everything on them.

But Apple, who was initially saying little about the threat, has now come forward and announced that they’re currently working on a security patch that could answer these issues, and leave iPod Touches free to whoever uses them, and in whatever manner they want to do so. The security threat poses a risk to all iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads. While Apple is saying that the security patch is in fact completed, there’s still no word yet on when the patch will be released to the public.

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