Apple iPhone 4 Loses Top Spot in UK

The Apple iPhone 4 has been considered one of the best phones for quite some time now and at the moment, there are a range of other companies trying to take Apple’s place as the number one most desired phone in the world. In the UK however, according to new research, this has already been done as Apple’s iPhone 4 device is not even in the top 5.

Apple’s iPhone 4 device is said to be in the sixth place on the list of the top phone sin the UK, spelling an end to the magic that seems to surround Apple these days. Apple’s iPhone has been overtaken by some of the other competitors out there including the HTC Desire HD which is currently at the number one spot. As well as this, HTC are also dominating positions two and three on the list of the top phones with their Desire and Wildfire handsets too. The fourth place on the list is taken by the Blackberry Curve 8520 and the fifth place is taken by the Samsung Galaxy S. This means that Apple’s iPhone 4 device, once crowned as the king of Smartphone’s, is left in a sorry sixth position.

This is great news for all the Android fans out there and of course Google who seem to be slowly taking over the market in competition against Apple.

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