Apple release iOS 4.2 Update for iPhone and iPad

Apple is always striving to improve the usability of their products and often, they release new version of the firmware that runs on the devices in order to improve the functionality. This year, we saw the release of the iOS 4 operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices yesterday; Apple released their iOS 4.2 update for the devices.

This latest update has been delayed for a couple of weeks but it is now available to download via iTunes for users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The update brings a variety of new features to the devices, especially the iPad. Users of the iPad will experience application multitasking, a unified inbox like on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as the new Airprint feature. The Airprint feature will allow users to be able to print documents and photos straight form their iOS 4.2 devices with any Wi-Fi enabled printer. The Airprint software takes away the need to install any print drivers and ‘simply works’. Airprint is available on the iPad; iPhone and iPod Touch with this latest update.

The founder of Apple; Steve Jobs has said that this latest update will once again define the target that every other tablet will aspire to. He added that very few of them will be able to hit the target and that the iOS 4.2 update marks a real gear change for the iPad.

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