Apple Releases Macbook Pro on Steve Jobs Birthday

One of the most well known products that Apple makes is the Macbook device and if you have a little more to spend, you can also opt for a Macbook Pro device. Today, Apple has revamped their current series of Macbook Pro computers in order to offer consumers a better laptop than ever. Apple released the Macbook Pro devices this morning in order to celebrate the birthday of the CEO of the company; Steve Jobs.

The release of the revamped Macbook Pro devices has been on the cards for a while although many believed that Apple would choose to release the iPad 2 first. The new Macbook Pro devices have been fitted with faster Intel Processors that will make a huge difference to the speed of the computers. As well as this, the storage capacity of the hard drives on the laptops has been increased on most models with even the cheapest model now having 320GB instead of 250gb.

As well as this, Apple has shocked most people by changing the graphics in the devices over to Intel. Prior to this, Apple used nVidia graphics and the decision to use both Intel and AMD graphics is a strange move for the company to make. They have also added a new high speed Thunderbolt port to the Macbook Pro devices which Apple claim to offer super fast speeds. The prices of the new Macbook Pro’s are pretty much the same.

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