Tips for Unlocking iPhone

It is very common for iPhone users to have problems in unlocking it. Many companies and repair centers will definitely charge money for iPhone unlocking. Below are some of the useful tips that you can follow in order to unlock your own iPhone by yourself for free of course. The iPhones that use the 3.0 firmware can use the following tips to unlock their iPhone.

First thing that you will do is to deactivate your iTunes. In this way, all the other settings including WI-FI and Bluetooth will be safe from anything that might happen after you re-activate your iPhone. Remember this especially when you are using other network sim: Do not activate the iTunes because it can wreck your phone. After deactivating the iTunes, turn off the 3G of your iPhone. Go to “Settings”, click “General”, and then “Network”.

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Most iPhone users have used the older version of this same software so they must remove first the software and replace it with the latest software version to be able to unlock the iPhone. In this way, your iPhone will be placed in the safe zone when used in other network. Furthermore, you must install the software into your iPhone.

Keep in mind that the network of GSM is only compatible with the iPhones. This is because the iPhone uses a GSM radio band that makes it possible to communicate using this device. After installing the software for unlocking of iPhone, internet downloads must be done very carefully so that it will keep your device safe to use and still accessible.

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Unlocking your own iPhone is relatively easy but you need to be very careful when you are complete or you can do some damage. Just make sure you read up on anything before you attempt it. We do not recommend you to do this, use the original one is the best option for you, so you will always get full support from this article just for informational purpose only, use it with your own risk :).

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  1. Hi friend!, please help!
    some weeks ago I updated my Iphone 2G to OS 2.2, it was working fine but today I found that I can’t make phone calls.
    I can receive calls and send/receive SMS but if I try to make a phone call the iphone says Call ended immediately after dial number.

    (I am not sure if I had the same problem months ago and somebody gave some directions to change something in settings, I don’t remember)

    Please help me!!

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