Apple release new Macbook Air

As a lot of you will probably already know, every few months, Apple holds a keynote or press event in which they will often show off a variety of their new products,. We heard the news the other day that Apple had seen record amount of profit during their last quarter and Apple being Apple, they have no intention to just sit back and enjoy their success. Just yesterday, Apple held yet another press event in which they announced the release of a few new products, the most notable being the new Macbook Air.

When Apple announced their profit accounts just a few days ago, it was clear that the Mac part of the company was only a relatively small part, with products like the iPad, iPod and iPhone making up around two thirds of the company. Now, Apple has announced that they will be focusing a little more on the Mac and they announced the release of a new Macbook Air. The new Macbook Air comes in two different sizes, there is a 13.3 inch and a 11.6 inch screen to choose from and they look stunning. Although the design isn’t that much different, there inside of the Mac is. The main different is that the Macbook Air now features flash memory instead of a hard drive, making operating silent and much faster.

This is a huge step for Apple and the new Macbook Air is actually available to buy already from their website and retail stores.

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