Apple Lays out Cloud International Info

Today Apple officially made an announcement regarding the iTunes cloud system which gave nearly all of the details regarding various countries and what kind...
33 sec read

Apple Releasing iTunes Match Internationally

iTunes Match is the latest new feature added to iTunes which essentially gave U.S users a cloud based storage system for music that made...
35 sec read

Apple Officially Launches iTunes Match

Today Apple finally released the official version of iTunes which includes the revolutionary new Match system. iTunes Match is a new cloud based system...
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Apple Releases New iTunes Beta

iTunes is always being updated and changed so new beta test versions are not exactly uncommon. Today however, Apple released a new iTunes beta...
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Apple Launches the iCloud

Apple Launches the iCloud. Apple has just announced its new operating system which will replace iOS which is used on on its current devices....
1 min read

Apple Thought to have bought

There has been rumour for a while now that Apple is planning to release their own cloud music sharing service that would allow songs...
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