Pogo Free for the iPod Touch!

No, this doesn’t refer to those delicious hot dogs wrapped in batter and then deep-fried, although those are quite awesome and having an app that would bring one of those to you whenever you wanted would be pretty cool too. But I digress, because this app has more to offer than a greasy dog ever could – and it’s healthier too. It’s the Pogo app, free for the iPod Touch, and it will bring you all of the best games you’ve been playing on your PC or laptop for years now, and puts them in the palm of your hand. So you really can take them all with you wherever you go!

The Pogo app brings everything the wonderful world of pogo.com does; so when you log on, you’ll be able to see your tokens, your mini, your gems, and everything else that’s associated with your Pogo account. And, if you’re a Club Pogo member, you’ll still enjoy all the ad-free play that you always do. The app is hooked up with both your Club Pogo account and your Facebook account, which makes it even easier to challenge all of your friends and see who can advance rank faster!

Just some of the addictive games that you’ll get with the Pogo app for the iPod Touch are: Poppit; Word Whomp; Turbo 21; Sweet Tooth 2; Mahjong Safari; and more. Start playing all of your favorite games by downloading the Pogo app for the iPod Touch here – for free!

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