Chef City for iPod Touch

Lots of people are getting into cooking these days with celebrity chefs making it the chic thing to do and of course, lots and lots of games to keep all aspiring chefs interested. The Chef City app for the iPod Touch is one such game and while it won’t blow you away with its sounds or graphics, it is a fun game that will keep you chopping and dicing the hours away!

In Chef City you start by creating, building and decorating your own restaurant. Now isn’t that every chef’s dream really? But in this game you don’t stop with just the tables, walls, and chairs – you get to design the chef too! Then not only will you have to prepare gourmet dishes and make sure that all those customers are kept happy so that you can stay in business, there are lots of other mini-games thrown in too! Not only will these games help you advance even further in the game to reveal even more hidden treasures throughout, but they’ll also enhance your culinary skills. So play for a few minutes, and you might be impressing your own family at suppertime tonight!

In addition to the great gameplay that this game gives you, there’s also been a recent update that has made the game faster, included gifts as part of the update, and it took care of resolving several of the bugs that the earlier version had. The game has gotten some bad reviews in iTunes due to the graphics and sound, but they’re cute enough and the fun game more than makes up for it. And for every bad review there is, this game has five good ones. Start cooking up a feast by downloading this app from iTunes here.

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  1. So I’d just like to say this article/review is inaccurate. The bad reviews were not for graphics and sound, but for the gameplay itself. They have yet to even acknowledge that there are these bugs, but the reviews speak for themselves. If you decorate your restaurant, not all your changes will be saved, and you may lost tens of thousands of gold trying to fix the problem. Also, the minigames are very touchy, to master each skill you must get to level 5, and the game may not read your movements, making it nearly impossible to master all of the skills. I’ve also read in te reviews that some people can’t finish level one of certain skills due to lack of instructions. Yes I know how to sautée in real life, but how did you translate that into gameplay? Anyways, the game IS free, but like Farmville and it’s descendants, you have to give them real money to pay for ingame cash, which with the current bugs and sync issues that delete your changes and still take your money, I do NOT recommend. Please be accurate when you write an article.

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