Cube Runner for the iPod Touch

Yay! Another game for the iPod Touch that is not only beautifully simple in design and concept, but also totally addicting and yet another great time waster. This game has even more though – it’s also added a design scheme that will remind some of those classic video games from the 80s. The game is Cube Runner and not only is it free, but it’s also been rated as one of the top free apps for the iPod Touch for 2010.

The idea behind the game is very simple. You control the arrow at the bottom of the screen and have to move through a constant obstacle of cubes. Your goal? Not to hit any of the cubes! You can choose to listen to the techno jam that the game provides in the background, or you can turn off the sound within the game and listen to your own selection from your iTunes library.

The game has different levels, so whether you’re a skilled pilot or just a rookie, you’ll find a place in this game where you’re comfortable, and you can then build your way up! It also has an accelerator control so you can get going a little faster when you need momentum, and glide to slower speeds when you need to be a bit more cautious. And, you can even download different level packs and create you own level. Then, email it to your friends to find out who can beat your game.

This delightfully simple game comes completely free from iTunes for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad. You can download it here.

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