Students who works on iPad tablets have better results

The new tablet PC from Apple comesw with a lot of improvements over the original iPad from a dual core, A5, up to a speed graphics to nine times higher and two cameras, a front one for FaceTime, and a back one to shoot HD. With all these, iPad 2 is smaller than the first with 33%, 8.8 mm to 13.4 mm, and easier, with only 590 grams, battery life is all of 10 hours.

In the U.S. more and more schools, colleges and universities are beginning to give up classic textbooks in favor for iPad tablet serving as multifunctional educational tool for any student. Replacing the classic map-screen digital,iPad tablet will help the students to have better performance in education, as ACU Connected said: a program in the last three years has helped to implement tablets in universities. Apparently students that are using iPad tablet to mark the courses have 25% better results than those who are using classic textbooks.

In one study, students who annotated text on their iPads scored 25% higher on questions regarding information transfer than their paper-based peers. In a separate project covering iPad usage patterns, two researchers studying ACU’s first all-digital class discovered that the iPad promotes “learning moments” and helps students make more efficient use of their time. Grad students working in an online program reported a 95% satisfaction rate for online iPad-based coursework.

The educational program was held at Abilene Christian University and other universities in the U.S. already are interested in implementing it in their institutions. The tablet is used by students not only at school but also home to write their homework or to search for information online about the materials they are studying at school and Apple’s device greatly eases their work. Of course iPad tablet implementation in universities is not cheap but in the U.S. educational institutions have enough money to treat students properly.

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