SimCity: Classic Sandbox Hits The iPod Touch

While the genre seems to have been lost on newer gamers, the city building simulation of SimCity continues to be among my most beloved solo gaming experiences. Various flavors of the SimCity 2000 version of the game has hit numerous platforms, from the DS to WinMo. Now, it lands on the iPod Touch. How does this version fare?

SimCity game for the iPod Touch, unlike the other handheld versions, is based off SimCity 3000. Instead of forcing the same controls as in other games, this port features specific gameplay and techniques that takes makes use of the Apple handheld’s interface features. Controls like pinch zoom and finger controls for building roads add a nice touch. What makes SimCity for the iPod Touch better than other miniaturized versions of the game, however, is something else.

This version offers more of SimCity’s original content and gameplay than other ports, from disasters to tools to building types. Based off 3000 instead of 2000 (like other mobile SimCity games have been), the graphics also seem way better, which help to really get you involved. It suffers a little on the speed end although the improved experience more than make up for it.

At $9.99, this is a pretty polished game that should lead hours upon hours of involving play. If you’re an old timer who miss the simple yet beautiful gameplay of a classic sandbox game, this should prove a worthy app to keep on your iPod Touch.

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