App for iPod Touch

You could spend a great deal of time searching the browser of your iPod Touch for your favorite television show so that you could watch it in that itty bitty space provided by the website. Or, you could just download the app for the iPod Touch and watch all of your favorite shows quickly and easily.

This app has tons of the most popular TV shows from the most popular networks including CBS, the CW, Showtime, and more! When you hop onto the app, just choose which show you want to watch by either browsing by channel or by checking out what the featured shows are – these include some of the newest, as well as some of the most popular. Whatever you’re looking for, with the millions of videos that this app has, you’ll be sure to find it!

It’s important to note that users need to have iO.S 3.0 in order to be able to view videos with this app but most users haven’t reported any problem, as most have the most current system. There have been a very few complaints that ever since the upgrade, the app isn’t accessible at all. Others though have said that even after the update, the app worked fine for them.

See for yourself how easy it is to watch your favorite TV shows, and do it all in the palm of your hand, by installing the app here.

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